A simple word that means a lot.

This word is often defined as “thank you”. There is really more to this word than just thank you. From the Traditional meaning, it means thank you for sharing your time and your spirit with me. When we take this word to a deeper level, there is a connection that is made.  A bond is created, and gratitude for one another is deeper. Living on an island, people had a stronger connection with each other. There was a stronger sense of dependence with one another. In order to survive, everyone was important to the community. No one was greater than any other one. Everyone gave and everyone partook equally. Everyone know this, and everyone followed this without hesitation.
In today’s world, we have much to be thankful for. Many of us are blessed with abundance, and yet we are always striving to acquire more. There is an old saying that goes like this “you have to stop and smell the roses”, and we must. Having gratitude and expressing it creates a very positive energy to everyone around you. Gratitude is a basic function of life, just like taking a breath of air when your body needs it. It helps us to survive, and more so, it allows us to be happy and balanced. So to show gratitude is the ultimate gesture of appreciation for everything around you. Because everything is affected by the kind of energy that you possess, and the kind of energy that you emit.
One last note, it takes the same amount of energy to make the decision to show gratitude or to show ungratefulness. Think about that. The amount of energy that it takes you to make a decision, either way, is the same amount of energy regardless of the decision that you make. Why not make a good decision.
So when we say Mahalo to each other, the correct and proper response would be to say “Mahalo to you”.

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