The Therapist and Counselors of DSM Therapeutic and Wellness Center LLC are Providers of Mental Health treatment and Behavioral Care services. We incorporate our services for individual, couples, families and group counseling. Our target population includes adolescence, teen-age, young adults, middle-aged and senior citizens throughout our community. All of our Counselors and Therapists are highly trained and certified to provide acute Mental Heath services and Behavioral Care to each client. Our goal is to help our clients to DEFINE their personal goals, seek out their strengths and weaknesses, create a treatment plan that is clear and attainable, and give the proper support, appropriate encouragement, and precise expectations that are required to assist our client towards a path of growth and healing.

We work with each client in a partnership. We are wholly committed to the client as we progress through their transformation. And in return, we want our client to do their part by fully participating in every session, exercise and homework that we give. It is to the clients advantage to participate to their fullest, because our partnership requires this as well as the clients Mental Health.